Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson is a Crazy, Lying Scumbag

There is no depth to which Pat Robertson will not sink.

This is so wrong on so many levels.

First, There's the automatic Televangelist response to any natural disaster: figure out some reason why the victims had it coming. Usually, step one is blame the homos, but I guess Haiti isn't really known for being super gay-friendly, so let's make up some ridiculous story about a pact with Satan?

And why a pact with Satan? I guess because a bunch of black African types couldn't possibly have overthrown the French on their own, right? There has to be some sort of supernatural assist. And since it's black people overthrowing whitey, that help must have come from Satan, couldn't be God. Normally, when one group defeats another, people assume, "well, they had God on their side." or "it was God's will that the American colonists overthrew the British" or whatever. But Haitians? Nope, had to be the Devil!

And then there's the blatant lie about the island of Hispanola. The Dominican Republic is prosperous?
slum by Topaaz. children in a slum by Topaaz.

Here's what I know about the Dominican republic. Omar Vizquel learned to play shortstop with a piece of cardboard on his hand because he couldn't afford a baseball glove.
CEDIMAT Hospital in the Dominican Republic is able to keep its doors open because of money donated and raised by David Ortiz.
And here is what an American Little League player found upon visiting the Dominican:

What Kalikow encountered shocked him. The 12 and 13-year old boys he found playing baseball were running homemade bases without shoes, swinging tree branches for bats and catching rocks inside milk cartons fitted like gloves. The impoverished suburbs of Punta Cana left many children without shirts to wear, much less sporting equipment with which to play.

But Robertson knows that none of his idiotic viewers are going to do any fact checking. If he says it, they'll accept it as Gospel truth. Just like when he tells his "deal with the devil" story, he just smiles and says "true story!" knowing that that's all the proof his followers will require.

And the whole time he's spreading this malicious bullshit, there's an ad on screen for "OB Disaster Relief" which is Pat's charitable scam. (O.B. stands for Operation Blessing) Anyone want to wager on how much of the money the suckers pour into OB Disaster Relief will actually make it to Haiti?

To donate to a legitimate relief effort, try OxFam:

or Food For the Hungry:

Or The American Red Cross:

And Pat Robertson? Hurry up and die already, would ya?