Friday, December 21, 2012

Here's an Idea

Here's an idea. Next time Wayne La Pierre or any other massacre-enabling gun nut holds a press conference, no one show up.

Don't report on it.

Don't treat this malignant vermin like he has anything of importance to say.
He has only the importance we choose to give him. If we stop pretending that he has something to add to the public discourse, he shrivels up and blows away in the breeze.

Wayne LaPierre had a press conference yesterday. Don't bother asking what he said, he said what he always says. Everything except for guns is responsible and what we really need is more guns. What a scoop! Good thing a bunch of reporters showed up to cover that!

How many reporters would show up if the president of NAMBLA held a press conference to discuss the reasons why so many kids have been molested recently? No one would show up, except hopefully the police to cuff him and haul himm off to jail with a nightstick protruding from his ass.
How many reporters would show up to a press conference held by the grand wizard or dragon or pig-fucker or whatever of the KKK? That's how many reporters should cover a press conference by the head scumbucket of the NRA.