Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now This Is a Depressing Headline

(from Yahoo News)

Momentum Shifts to Skeptics on Global Warming Debate

Eroding confidence in climate science punctuated by a pair of blizzards has global warming skeptics across the United States calling for a sharp rollback to years of political and industrial efforts to curb greenhouse emissions thought to contribute to global warming.

Why are we required to act as though there is some sort of legitimate debate about this?

If we're going to pretend like these anti-science troglo-tards have some sort of a point, why don't we open up a debate on whether the moon landing was fake? Some people really believe the moon landing was fake, so why not pretend that the jury's still out on that question? Honestly, their logic isn't any worse than the climate deniers'. Both groups think NASA is full of shit, and believe that their "common sense" holds as much weight as scientific data.

Hey, why not have a representative from the Flat Earth Society on TV debating a geologist?

How does anyone take people seriously who think that a couple of snowstorms disprove Climate Change? That's like saying, "Hey, Payton Manning threw a big interception and lost the Superbowl. So much for that 'Manning's a good quarterback' theory!" You'd be laughed out of any sports bar in America.

So this is the debate. On the one side, we have every living Nobel Prize-winning scientist, NASA, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and decades of research and data.

On the other side: Hey, it's snowing!

And honest to God, that's the argument they're making on FOX "News."

And somehow, people are buying this line of BS:

In a survey released last month, the percentage of Americans who think global warming is happening declined 14 percentage points vs. the year prior, to 57 percent.

So, if Climatology were something we got to vote on, then we'd be getting close to solving the problem.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of climate scientists still agree the data on global warming is solid

Oh, like that matters. Scientists! What the hell do they know? Can't they see it's snowing?

We have to grow up in this country and realize that people who have spent their adult lives studying the subject know a little more about it than some guy who looks out the window and sees snow. Otherwise, we're screwed.