Saturday, April 27, 2013

My New favorite Thing In the World, Just in time for Caturday!

It's cardboard Cat Art!
The next big meme: Cardboard Cat Art

I don't know who does these, but they are the best human-cat collaboration since Catwoman!

That was the only other human-cat thing I could think of.
I heard the movie is actually pretty horrible.

Horrible Engagement Photos

The pictures are from ODDEE.

The captions are from my noggin.

Our engagement party theme is Lapdance at the Oasis

We aren't even married yet and I'm already justifiably disgusted by him!

I'm already beginning to suspect he's not really into chicks!

You know what they say about girls with big feet!
They don't?
Engagement's off!

No, no, no, no, no!


Unless they're one of those weird horse-bondage couples, this is in really bad taste.
Actually, either way, it's in really bad taste.
 (link NSFW proceed at your own risk)

Not so much an engagement as a suicide pact.

The last second before both their faces were horribly disfigured for life.

Dude's facing the wrong way!

I'm not sure what you were going for with this pose, but um, suh-wing and a miss!

Jeezus, you two! You can't let up for 2 fuckin seconds while I take the picture?

Nothing says "we're mature enough to enter into a life-long commitment" like bunny pictures!

And nothing says "she could've done better" than this!

Run. Just run and don't look back.