Saturday, August 9, 2014

I present the inaugural "You Go, Girl" award to. . .

So this was an unexpected headline:

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Wife Is Screwing Up His Re-election Campaign – Big Time (VIDEO)

Author: August 9, 2014 5:58 pm

Yeah. . . I don't know who could possibly be screwing things up for Mitch McConnell more than Mitch McConnell.

Although, I guess a Kentucky Republican might be hurt by being married to a non-Caucasian woman, even one who worked for The George W. Bush administration.

But no, that's not even it.

This is too good:

  •  McConnell says that he is a “friend of coal.”
  • But Chao sits on the board of Bloomberg Philanthropies which supports a “war on coal.” (This is former New York Mayor Bloomberg’s. organization)
  • McConnell is big on tobacco.
  • But Chao is advising Bloomberg which “backs a global battle against tobacco.”
  • McConnell vows he “will do everything in his power to defend the Second Amendment.
  • But Bloomberg is very anti-gun
Oh my God. She's actually hurting McConnell's campaign by doing something decent! I mean, I'm sure she's working for the Bloomberg group for the money, not out of any sense of conviction or human decency, but by somehow finding herself on the side of, if not good, then at least "not-evil," she is having the unintended side-effect of hurting her horrible husband's re-election chances. 

Cecil Roberts, Union Mine Workers Association (UMWA) union chief, released a statement,
“One has to wonder just where Sen. McConnell is with respect to this, and whether he supports his wife’s continued service on the board of this organization, one whose actions have already cost thousands of coal miners in Kentucky and elsewhere their jobs.”

Now, is this true? No, probably not. There seems to be no shortage of coal-powered plants in the US and around the world. If anything, coal mining jobs have probably been lost to mountain-top removal and other technological advances which make it possible to extract more coal with fewer workers, but who cares? If the coal-miners union is coming out in opposition to McConnell, that can only be good news for Alison Lundgren-Grimes. I don't know enough about Ms Lundgren-Grimes to know if she would make a good Senator or not, but I know enough. I know that she is not Mitch McConnell, so she would definitely be an improvement over Mitch McConnell.

So, to former Labor Secratary Elaine Chao, I say "You Go, Girl!"