Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cognitive Dissonance

So that's the reason these people object to a National Health care system! They're actually afraid that too many people will be insured! Wow! She'd rather have her fellow Americans have no access to doctors than for her to have to wait to get an appointment.

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What always strikes me as odd whenever these folks talk about "rationing health care" is that these are the same people who are always complaining about the Federal Government's reckless, profligate spending and running up deficits. Why would they think that suddenly, in this one area, the government is going to have an attack of frugality? When has the government ever said, "Oh, sorry, we can't afford that"? Even if the healthcare funding pool was to run dry, why would you think that this would be the one time in our nation's history that the federal government would say, "gosh, we can't spend money we don't have"?

I guess these people just don't have a problem with cognitive dissonance. These are the folks that have no trouble believing that Barack Obama is a socialist and Barack Obama is a fascist. They don't have any problem believing that Barack Obama is a Muslim and Barack Obama is a follower of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and a godless communist.

They can understand that Barack Obama's mother and grandparents were white and still believe that he hates white people.

Many of them see no contradiction in stating that they want no part of a government-run healthcare program, they'll stick with Medicare, thank you very much.

Of course they also believe that the government is secretly building concentration camps in the desert, manipulating the stock market and keeping the martians under wraps, but isn't competent to run a healthcare program.

Trying to hold these kinds of contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously should make your head hurt. But I guess if you keep yourself busy shouting and stomping and shaking your fists, there's really no time to reflect on these sorts of incongruities.

It's Funny Because. . .

It's funny because it's factually inaccurate!

I believe it should be Legal. . .

. . .to waterboard anyone seen wearing this T-shirt.