Friday, July 22, 2011

Who the hell put this scumbag in charge?

The Fast Fix: Grover Norquist’s effect on the debt ceiling


I knew this little turd had his stupid "No new taxes" pledge, and I knew some Republicans had signed it, but holy shit! Two Hundred and Forty members of Congress?  How dare they? How dare they sign an oath to a single person when they are supposed to represent the people of their district and the people of the United States in general? So even though a majority of the people want to see a compromise on the debt ceiling, even though most people want to see the Bush tax cuts expire for the richest, and most people want to end tax breaks for huge super-profitable corporations, these assholes are apparently willing to ignore the will of the people because they owe their loyalties to one little shitbag who hates taxes. 

Bow before me, Republicans! Pledge to me your loyalty!

Don't the members of Congress take a much more serious oath upon taking office? Don't they swear to support and defend the Constitution? The Constitution which requires that we do not default on our debt payments? Shouldn't that oath supercede any brain-dead promise to a weasly little bag of scum who clearly does not have the best interests of the Nation in mind? 
.Fuck it, I'm rich. What the hell do I care if the country goes broke?

Why is this even allowed? Isn't this a pretty blatant conflict of interest? And also just blockhead stupid. No matter the circumstances, no matter what might be best for the US of A, you swear that you will not allow even the slightest revenue increase? Because your anti-tax anti-government ideology is more important to you than the health of the US economy. Does that sound like responsible leadership to anyone?