Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bristol Palin's New Career

From Bloomberg News:

Bristol Palin sets up PR firm

Because who's more qualified to run a company than a 19-year old single mother with no work experience, no formal education, and no apparent skills?

So the company will be known as BSMP LLC, because you gotta have a catchy name in the PR game!

The single-member limited liability corporation will be known as BSMP LLC
and based in Anchorage.

So the company is one person.
And it's based in ANCHORAGE ALASKA?
Anchorage, Alaska -- because you know, fuck you Los Angeles!

I think it's safe to say that Bristol doesn't have a real firm grip of what Public Relations is really all about.

I Could Get You A Guest Spot on Good Morning Wasila.


If you're going to steal, they say, steal from the best.

That's always been sound career advice, and it's why the Black Crowes stole from The Faces, and The Faces stole from the Rolling Stones, and the Rolling Stones stole from EVERYBODY.

So, if you're looking to rip off someone in the competitive world of fashion design, who do you look to?

Lindsay Lohan's best friend stole her top secret clothing designs

Hmm, I'm concerned about your choices.
Make it work!

Really, Lindsay Lohan.

The Lindsay Lohan whose line includes these?

Here's what I've learned from Project Runway:

You want your designs to tell a story about the person who wears them.

I think the story these leggings tell goes a little something like:

Once there was a little girl who became a star for some reason, then she drank a lot and lost her career and now she spends a lot of time on her knees in alleys to make enough money for coke.

So, yeah, I could see where you'd want to steal from Lindsay.