Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mitt Romney Says Weird Things

1. Mitt's "answer" to the question of whether he supported equal pay for women was weird.

And not just because he said "binders full of women." That was weird, but that might have been the least weird part.

First, instead of saying "yes, I do" or "no, I don't," he tells this story about having hired some women. Really not relevant. Then he says his plan is to make conditions such that companies will hire so many people that some of those people are bound to be women. Although, it kinda sucks having women employees, 'cuz you gotta make sure they get off in time to make dinner or whatever it is those women without domestic help do.

Seriously, it was a yes or no question.

2. Mitt's idea of tax relief is to make sure us working stiffs don't have to pay taxes on all our interest, investment and capital gains income. Did nobody tell him that we don't have any of that income? When we hand our tax lady the statement from the bank with all our interest paid over the last year, she rolls her eyes as if to say "why bother?"  Because it's a few bucks. And I'm pretty sure we're fairly typical in that regard. The only people who make a significant amount of money on capital gains or dividends are the members of Mitt's yacht club. The rest of us would like to see the rate on unearned income go up.

3. You get a total of $25,000 in deductions, no matter what. But you get to choose which deductions you put in the "bucket." FREEDOMMMMM!!!!!!!

4. Why does anyone give a fuck when the Prez called the attack in Benghazi a "terrorist action?" Even if he had waited 14 days or whatever, which he didn't, what possible difference could that have made? Would the ambassador be any less dead if the "T" word came up sooner?

5. Does he think that there is some scenario in which government bureaucrats tell women they have to use contraception?

6. What difference does it make that our corporate tax rates are supposedly higher than Canada's? Our corporations don't pay any taxes anyway. And if you want to know what makes Canada a more attractive place to open a business, start with Universal Health Care. Not having to provide employees with health insurance gives Canadian companies a pretty good headstart against US companies. We're also handicapped against British companies. And German. And French, and Danish, and Dutch, and Japanese, and Brazilian, and Norwegian, and Italian, and Swedish.You get the picture. American  firms have to spend a ton of money that companies in every civilized country in the world don't have to because we refuse to have a national health plan.