Friday, March 25, 2011

Teabaggers In Action

Congratulations, America! These are the guys you put in charge.
Greg Hinkle, State Senator, Montana.

Here is what Hinkle has been doing to make Montana and, really all of America, a better place:

Montana Lawmaker Wants Feds to Alert Sheriffs on Arrests

By Douglas Kennedy
Published March 23, 2011

These days, Greg Hinkle, like many people, feels the federal government is out of control. But to Hinkle it’s not just about the deficit.
He believes federal law enforcement agencies are a big problem -- and that they have not been held accountable.

Sure, the deficit is a problem, but these feds just going around arresting criminals willy-nilly, that's the real issue!
Hinkle is a Republican state senator from Thomson Falls, and he recently proposed a law, likely the first of its kind, asking federal law enforcement to first seek approval of county sheriffs before any federal intervention in the state of Montana. He calls it “The Sheriffs First Bill.”

Because why should the FBI be allowed to make an arrest without first consulting this guy? 

For instance, Hinkle would want the FBI to first notify a Montana sheriff before executing a search warrant or making an arrest in the state of Montana.
At one point he allowed for arrest of any federal agent who didn’t comply, but has since taken out that language.

This law could have been written by the Montana Freemen.

“How on earth could the states not challenge federal law?” he asked. “That's the way our system of government works.”

Well, in a way. If a state has a problem with a federal law, they can take it to the courts, like several states are doing with healthcare reform. You can't just pass a law giving your state authority over the federal govenrment. It just doesn't work that way.

“The states are what created the federal government,” he added, “so the states should actually have more authority than the federal government."

Well, maybe they should. But they don't. It's in the Constitution. You know, the document you teabaggers love to pretend is your scripture, instruction manual, and masturbation material all rolled into one.

But that's not all that Hinkle is doing to improve the lives of Montanans and, really, the whole world. 

Senator defends spear-hunting bill before House committee


Yep, Greg Hinkle is protecting your right to throw a spear at a deer. 

Also, you can shoot an arrow at a sparrow.
Throw a rock at a gamecock.
Take a club to a cub.
Hit ducks with nunchuks.
I could do this all day.

Saying that passage of his bill allowing hunting with spears would not result in people running around the Montana woods in loincloths, [then what's the point?] Sen. Greg Hinkle, R-Thompson Falls, defended his proposal before the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee on Tuesday in Helena. 
The measure, Senate Bill 112, already has passed the Senate.

As has his "Sheriff's  First" bill, by the way, so apparently Montana is sort of a kooky place.

Hinkle said a spear is similar to a large arrow and added that it has been successfully used by our ancestors for thousands of years.
“It works. It’s been around a long time,” Hinkle said.

Also, why did we ever stop lighting fires with rocks and sticks? That works perfectly well. And what's the deal with cars? What, you got a problem with horses and buggies?

So Greg Hinkle really seems to believe in individual liberties. If you want to hunt with a spear, the government shouldn't be allowed to stand in your way. The Feds have to answer to local officials, no big government, let people do what they want. Unless what they want is to smoke pot to ease the effects of chemo. Then fuck you, we gotta get the government involved to stop that. Because otherwise, well let's let Greg Hinkle explain:

Hinkle said if the current marijuana law isn't fixed, Montana will be "faced with a tsunami that is going to make what happened to Japan look mighty small."

He couldn't possibly have meant. . .  I  mean, there's no way. . .let's give him a chance to clarify.

Senator Hinkle Stands By 'Tsunami' Comment

 Senator Greg Hinkle is standing by comments he made Monday, when he compared Montana's medical marijuana problem to the tsunami in Japan. NBC Montana caught up with the senator to set the record straight.

"When that tsunami came into shore, they really had no idea of what was going to happen and it overwhelmed them," explained Hinkle."I believe the same situation is happening in the state of Montana and the United States of America with the drug problem. It's getting larger, there will be lives lost and there has been lives lost."

Yeah, good job, Montana teabaggers! This is the guy you put in a position of responsibility.