Thursday, October 10, 2013

Michele Bachmann is even weirder than I thought

And I thought she was pretty fucking weird.

(via Salon)
Michele Bachmann: Obama supports al-Qaida and “end times” are near

"We are to understand where we are in God’s end times history"

Oh, dear lord. . .

According to a new report from Right Wing Watch, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed in a radio interview with Jan Markell on Saturday that President Obama is supporting al-Qaida and that this was proof “end times” were near.

Sighhhhhhh. . .  okay, fine. Go ahead, how is Obama "supporting al-Quaid" today?

Referring to the president’s earlier decision to provide small arms and anti-chemical weapons gear to a number of vetted Syrian rebels, Bachmann said:
This happened and as of today the United States is willingly, knowingly, intentionally sending arms to terrorists,

Oh, Jeezus Christ! Seriously?

Of course, by Bachamnn standards, this really isn't even all that weird. but wait for it. . .

. . .as of today the United States is willingly, knowingly, intentionally sending arms to terrorists, now what this says to me, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, as I look at the End Times scripture, this says to me that the leaf is on the fig tree and we are to understand the signs of the times, which is your ministry, we are to understand where we are in God’s end times history.

I'm not sure any of that was a sentence, but that's not really the point. The leaf is on the fig tree? Isn't the leaf usually on the fig tree? Aren't there generally many leaves on a fig tree? A leaf being on a tree is some sign of the impending apocalypse?

So, I guess we should all be very very afraid that the world is going to end soon? I mean that leaf is on the tree and what have you, that seems like a pretty negative prognosis, right?

“Rather than seeing this as a negative, we need to rejoice, Maranatha Come Lord Jesus, His day is at hand,” Bachmann said. “When we see up is down and right is called wrong, when this is happening, we were told this; these days would be as the days of Noah.”

Marantha? What the fuck is Marantha?

well, according to Wikipedia:

Maranatha (either מרנא תא: maranâ thâ' or מרן אתא: maran 'athâ' ) is a two-word Aramaic formula occurring only once in the New Testament (see Aramaic of Jesus) and also in the Didache, which is part of the Apostolic Fathers' collection. It is transliterated into Greek letters rather than translated and, given the nature of early manuscripts, the lexical difficulty lies in determining just which two Aramaic words comprise the single Greek expression, found at the end of Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians (1 Cor 16:22).
If one chooses to split the two words as מרנא תא (maranâ thâ), a vocative concept with an imperative verb, then it can be translated as a command to the Lord to come. On the other hand, if one decides that the two words מרן אתא (maran 'athâ), a possessive "Our Lord" and a perfect/preterite verb "has come," are actually more warranted, then it would be seen as a credal expression. This interpretation, "Our Lord has come," is supported by what appears to be an equivalent of this in the early credal acclamation found in the biblical books of Romans 10:9 and 1 Corinthians 12:3, "Jesus is Lord."

Oh. Couldn't you have just said that?

But more importantly, holy shit! She actually WANTS the world to end! She thinks we should rejoice because the world is supposedly ending. She's like a member of some weirdo death cult. No wonder her eyes look like that!