Thursday, March 5, 2015

The worst people in the world

Are there any worse people in the world than the petty dictators of homeowners associations?

I know, you were going to say "ISIS is," but  first consider this story:

Subdivision denies a playhouse to Raymore girl with leukemia

Okay, that can't possibly be true, can it? You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Okay, we need a little context. Maybe in context it doesn't sound so awful.

Ella Joe Schultz is a six-year-old girl who is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her survival chances are low but any increase in her morale is a hopeful sign that she will continue to fight to live as long as she can. So when the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted her wish for a playhouse to be built in her Raymore, Missouri front yard, Ella and her family were ecstatic.
 Oh, God. That's not getting any better.

But Ella’s dream for a playhouse complete with bedrooms, an upstairs, a dishwasher, and a working telephone just for her were dashed when an Oklahoma neighborhood association intervened and forbade construction workers from beginning the project.
Despite the fact that this could be Ella’s final wish, Stonegate Homeowners Association halted the project when they caught wind of it, nixing it because it supposedly violates neighborhood rules.

Oh, well that's a simple fix.  Fuck your stupid rules. Problem solved!

Ella is now in tears and has been taken back to the hospital for a fever and infection. Her neighbors, meanwhile, are also outraged because they all want this little girl to get her wish. But the Stonegate Homeowners Association is apparently content to force Ella to wait longer for her dream to become reality. SHOA Board President Stacy Bayers told KCTV that plan given to them violates the rules and refused to comment beyond that.

Wait, what was that part about the neighbors? "they all want this little girl to get her wish." They ALL want this little girl to get her wish. ALL the NEIGHBORS want the little girl to get her wish.

So I guess neighborhood associations do not actually represent the members of the neighborhood. So who do they represent? Who the hell knows? Apparently they are just petty, spiteful little people who get a sense of power from stringently enforcing their stupid arbitrary rules. Even if that requires breaking the heart of a six-year-old girl who might never get to be seven.

In a statement, SHOA claimed they sympathized and would work with Make-A-Wish to make the playhouse happen. “Our hearts are with Ella Schultz and her family as they battle this terrible illness. Our homeowners’ association board is committed to working with Make-A-Wish Foundation and J.E. Dunn to see if we can figure out a way to make Ella’s wish come true. 

Oh my God. Fuck you! You have to "figure out a way?" Seriously? All you have to do is NOTHING!
The Make-A-Wish people have the contractors ready to go. They have the supplies, they're ready to build. All you have to do is NOTHING!
Just let the good people do their good thing and. . . that's it! There's no fucking conundrum here. It's your stupid rule, waive it!
Honestly, you don't even have to do any kind of formal waiver, just do nothing. No one's going to complain. All the neighbors are in favor of this.
And what if someone did complain? So what? Tell them that a dying six-year-old wanted this playhouse so they can go fuck themselves if they object.
What are you afraid of? You think somewhere down the road someone's going to say "hey you let that one girl build a playhouse in the front yard, so now you have to let me build my nude statues of Ernest and Tova Borgnine?" Seems pretty easy to just say "when the Make-A-Wish Foundation gets involved, you can build your erotic sculpture garden. Until then, fuck off."