Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Bullshit Headline of the Day

From the always reliable Yahoo News:

So, the Covington Catholic school boys were cleared of wrongdoing in the viral encounter with Nathan Phillips
 People Magazine

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Hmm, I hadn't heard about that. By whom were they cleared?

An investigation commissioned by a Kentucky Catholic school of the much-publicized face-off last month between the school’s students and Native Americans in Washington, D.C. found “no evidence” the students made “offensive or racist statements” to a tribal elder or members of his group, according to a February 11th report. The report also concluded the students did not “instigate the incident.”

Um. . . really? We're going to pretend that this was some sort of legitimate investigation?

Rev. Roger Foys, the bishop of Covington, said in a letter to parents that his “hope and expectation” that the inquiry “would ‘exonerate our students so that they can move forward with their lives’ has been realized.” 

Because that's how you get an unbiased, objectivbe investigation. Begin with the hope and expectation that your students will be exonerated. That lets the people you are paying to do the investigation know that you want them to be completely unbiased!

And I'm sure that the investigation was super thorough, right?

 Four licensed investigators spent 240 hours interviewing 43 students and chaperones on the trip and reviewed about 50 hours of “internet activity” on YouTube, Vimeo, major news networks, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Okayyyy. . . . 

Investigators did not interview Phillips, whom they said they could not contact

And we're going with the headline that says these pricks were "cleared of wrongdoing?" Seriously? Not "Diocese claims that half-assed phony investigation clears their boys of wrongdoing?" Or "Surprisingly, Catholic diocese is adept at covering up misdeeds, alsomt as if they have centuries of practice or something."