Monday, August 28, 2017

Kellyanne Conway is Ridiculous -- Again.

It's hard to say what the most ridiculous part of this is.And it's only a minute and a half.

I'm sorry you had to see that.

Anyway, what is the most ridiculous part?
Is it maybe when she complains about news channels not reporting straight news but trotting out a parade of pundits to "opinionate" and "pontificate" while she's speaking to FOX AND FRIENDS, on a network that is built entirely on blowhards opinionating and pontificating and of course no one sees the irony at all.

Maybe it's the idea that Clapper's assessment of Il Douche's fitness for office is "way over the line," when no one on this network seemed to think it was over the line to question the previous president's  patriotism, honesty, intelligence or citizenship. It was not, apparently "over the line" to claim that the previous president had "a deep-seated hatred of white people," And it was certainly not over the line to call our last president a Marxist. And a fascist. And a Nazi. And a Maoist. And a Bolshevik. And a Trotskyite.

Is it when she claims that the media was "way too afraid" of the Obama administration? Like sure, that was 8 solid years of no criticism of the administration. Yeah, you never heard anything negative about Barack Obama in the media!

I would say the part about the press not being scared enough of Orange Julius Caesar was pretty ridiculous, but it's also kinda scary.

Or is it the verbal eyeroll she gives when she talks about the press doing their jobs and reporting facts and holding people accountable as if that's some sort of absurd idea.

Is it that Democrats are supposedly "whispering" that they wish Hillary Clinton would not have written a book, that she should "make herself useful" or "go away," like you know who's privy to the whisperings of the Democratic Party? Kellyanne fucking Conway! Yeah, of course, whenever a Democrat has a problem with the direction of the party, they go right to the most dishonest member of the Dolt 45 talking head brigade.

I guess the most ridiculous part is when she reflexively shits into "yeah, well what about Hillary?" mode.

"Where is her big c4 trying to help women and children?' Um, you mean the CLINTON FOUNDATION?

"Where's her bi-partisan effort to help with infrastructure?" You do know she's OUT OF OFFICE, right? What the hell is she supposed to do? Somehow she's going to be the one to get Republicans to get off their asses and produce some sort of bi-partisan legislation even though the entire idea of any kind of bipartisanship is anathema to your entire party? A party, by the way, that controls both houses of Congress and the White House and can pass whatever it wants even without Ms Clinton's help. And by the way, her name is "Secretary Clinton." Show some goddamm respect, you little hack. We would also accept "Ms. Clinton," "Ms. Rodham-Clinton," "Senator," or "Mrs. Clinton." What makes you think you're on a first-name basis with a person of actual accomplishment?

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Oh, and Kellyanne? You say you're working on the opioid crisis every single day? Wow, you're doing a bang-up job!