Thursday, March 17, 2016

Horrible people being horrible for horrible reasons.

Two different horrible people in two different states are opposing the idea of getting rape kits tested so that rapists can be caught and jailed. It sounds inexplicable, but they have their reasons. Horrible, horrible reasons.

Horrible person number one:

Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland

Idaho Sheriff Says No Need For Rape Kits

Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland objected to HB 528. . . a bill that would create a statewide system of collecting and tracking the physical evidence in sexual assault investigations. Part of that bill would give clinics the responsibility of sending rape kits for DNA testing (unless the victim requests otherwise).
Currently, law enforcement is in charge of deciding if a kit should be tested.

Um, if? If a kit should be tested? Law enforcement has to decide IF they're going to collect evidence in a criminal case?
Get this gun down to ballistics! You know, if you feel like it.

 So why does the sheriff object to the idea of sending evidence to be processed?

“I really believe the Legislature needs to take a strong look at allowing law enforcement to do their job and not try to dictate what we need to do. I think they’re trying to help, I really do,” Sheriff  Rowland said. “They need to let us decide if we’re going to send the kit and when we send the kits in.”
“Because the majority of our rapes, not to say that we don’t have rapes, we do, but the majority of our rapes that are called in, are actually consensual sex,” he added.

 I don't think we even need to discuss how ridiculous that statement is. No, ridiculous isn't the right word, because that makes it sound like it's not horrifying. I don't think there is a word to describe a statement like that. Monstrous? Appalling? Ghastly? I don't know. But this Sheriff Rowland is truly a horrible horrible person and should be removed from office immediately.

Horrible person number two:
Georgia State Sen. Renee Unterman

Georgia Republican Blocks Rape Kit Bill

State Sen. Renee Unterman said she’s not going to budge, and added that Democratic state Rep. Scott Holcomb, who sponsored the measure, has tried to score political points with the bill, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

“If there was a problem, I would be Johnny on the spot and I would have written the legislation,” she said, adding: “I think he really overly politicized it in an election year and I’ve got a problem with that.”

 If there was a problem? IF there was a problem? All over the US, there are thousands of rape kits going untested, allowing thousands of rapists to walk free among us committing more horrific crimes. But this ass doesn't think there's a problem?

 “There’s no reason to write a law just because it makes you feel good,” Unterman told CBS 46.

 You're blocking a bill that would help take violent sex offenders off the streets and put them behind bars where they belong because. . . you think the guy who proposed the bill is kind of a jerk?
What a horrible, horrible person.