Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here Comes The Crazy!

I don't normally pay any attention to who wins the Miss USA or Miss America or Miss Hemisphere or whatever, because I kinda find the whole thing pretty creepy, women being paraded around and judged like livestock at a county fair, seems sort of, um I don't know, not good?

But I happened to see the new Miss USA mentioned on the Yahoo News homepage and when I saw her picture and her name, I figured we were about to enter a new chapter in the book of craziness.

Rima Fakih? Oh, God, here we go!

Turns out, I was wrong. Debbie Schlussel had already started the crazy train rolling before Ms Fakih had even won the crown.

May 12, 2010, - 1:59 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Miss USA Contestant is Shi’ite Muslim Hezbollah Supporter, Used Pageant Name to Promote Muslim Female Subjugation

A couple of years ago, I told you that Donald Trump moved the Miss Universe pageant, which he owns, from Dubai because it would not allow Miss Israel into the country to compete.
But now, Trump has brought the Islamic intolerance INTO the Miss USA pageant, rather than escaping from it. Rima Fakih, Miss Michigan USA, who will compete in Sunday Night’s pageant broadcast on NBC, is a Dearbornistan Shi’ite Muslim who is a supporter of Hezbollah. . .

Really? What evidence do you have to back up this claim?

She was born in the Hezbollah stronghold of Srifa in South Lebanon,

Well, it's hard to argue with that logic!
Okay, that wasn't fair. I was just being a wise guy. She has more evidence than that!

Her devout Muslim family comes from the Hezbollah-controlled South Lebanon.

Okay, there. See? That settles it.

Intelligence sources confirm that at least three of Fakih’s relatives are currently top officials in Hezbollah and that at least eight Fakih family members were Hezbollah terrorists killed by the Israelis in past Israel-Lebanese wars and interventions.

Yeah, I gotta figure the odds that Debbie Schlussel has "sources" in the intelligence community are about as good as the odds of her making it into the WNBA. (pretty pretty tiny)

Don’t let her lack of a headscarf and her donning a bikini in public fool you. Miss Michigan USA, Rimah Fakih is a Muslim activist and propagandist extraordinaire. She recently participated, using the Miss Michigan USA name to promote Islamic subjugation of women, in a Henry Ford Community College’s tax-funded forum promoting Islam, featuring many Shi’ite extremists.

Now that sounds serious! I clicked on the link Ms Schlussel provided to find the story of this College Forum of EVIL EXTREMIST TERROR WOMEN!!!!!!! (Dum Da Dum!)

The many faces of Arab women
By Dijlah Assayegh
Sunday, 04.25.2010, 12:30pm

DEARBORN — Henry Ford Community College's (HFCC) Arab Cultural Studies Program on April 8 hosted a conference entitled "The Many Faces of Arab Women."

The conference was an opportunity to discover new possibilities for growth, dispel some old assumptions, and develop network connections for future use, such as business organizations and community resources.

Oh, wow! Yeah, nothing says "subjugation" like business networking!

Rima Fakih, Miss Michigan USA and former HFCC student, explained what it means to her to be the first Arab American Miss Michigan. After each speaker, smaller break-out sessions were organized and led by Arab American women experts in their own fields who discussed in detail several areas of interest and encouraged further audience involvement.

Clearly, discussing what it means to her to be Miss Michigan is the same thing as promoting the subjugation of Arab women! And the subjugation continues with these discussion groups organized and LED BY WOMEN who are experts in the subjects being discussed.

My intelligence sources [the voices in my head] laugh at the overwhelming praise and bragging over Fakih on several Lebanese Hezbollah Arabic language blogs. After all, she will be parading around on-stage–as all Miss USA contestants do–in a bikini, a complete no-no according to Hezbollah’s strict Muslim rules about covering women up. But, as we all know, and as one source confirms, Muslims frequently go against Islam in this way for propaganda purposes. It’s a form of taqiyyah, the Muslim concept of deceiving infidels.

This is really a no-win situation. Debbie says you're a Muslim extremist. You stryt around in the least Muslim of outfits, which only proves to Debbie how committed you are to your Muslim extremism. If there's a flaw in that reasoning, I sure can't spot it!

Former Giuliani adviser, Campus Watch founder and all-around moron Daniel Pipes, eschews the phony "Oh My God Terrorist!" theme in favor of the more sophisticated "Oh My God, White Girls Didn't Win!" approach.

Affirmative Action in Beauty Contests?

Right, because there's no way this girl:
could win a contest for being pretty! It must be a fix!

News that Rima Fakih, 24, of Dearborn, Michigan, won the Miss USA beauty pageant today prompts me to recall some prior instances of Muslim women winning beauty contests in Western countries.

Juliette Boubaaya, 19, was Mlle Picardie in 2009.

Julliette Boubaaya.

Nora Ali was America's Junior Miss in 2007.

Nora Ali.

Hammasa Kohistani, 19, was Miss England in 2006.

Hammasa Kohistani.

Sarah Mendly, 23, was Miss Nottingham in 2005.

Sarah Mendly.

They are all attractive, but this surprising frequency of Muslims winning beauty pageants makes me suspect an odd form of affirmative action.

Four pretty Muslim women in the last five years? And that's only in the US and Europe! How could this be possible? Will further research bear out this suspicion?

My suspicion is borne out by the selection of Anisah Rasheed as Miss A&T at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Oh. My. God. It's true! It's all true! If an Araby sounding woman is chosen prettiest student at North Carolina A&T, then what local beauty queen is safe? I assume Miss Canada-Plus is their next target,

followed by Princess Pedophilia.

And someone wrote this comment in response to Pipes' post:

No surprise here. Affirmative action was first applied in beauty contests for black women to win in the 1980s, then it was the turn of Latin, brown skinned women, and now it's Muslims. That's why most people ignore these rigged "events." They are money losers and require controversy.

Because anytime the white girl doesn't win, it must be fixed!