Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well, Jeezus Christ, how did you not see this coming?

When Mitt Romney's campaign put out this weird i-Phone app to let people take pictures of whatever they wanted and have some sort of Mitt-friendly caption embossed on it, did they not know they were just asking for "I'm With Mitt" pictures of wee-wees and boo-boos and other such things?

Poopin' through yer drawers

We are not classy people

Don't drop it in the tub, it's a sin!

And also general weirdness

"A Better 'Amercia'" is overlaid on a photo created with the "I'm With Mitt" iPhone app. The misspelling of America has turned into an Internet sensation and likely embarrrasment for the Mitt Romney campaign. Photo: Staff /

Nazi furries!

And mockery of Mitt:

A Better “Amercia”: Social Media Fail For Mitt Romney