Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Shut it down.

Okay, that's it. Shut it down. America is over.

Because this was an actual headline I saw online today:

Hillary or Trump: Who would survive the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Actors Ross Marquand, Josh McDermitt, Michael Cudlitz, and Executive Producer Greg Nicotero all answer one hard question. Who would survive the zombie apocalypse? Hillary or Trump?

So that's it for us. We once were a society that produced FDR, Miles Davis, Willie Mays and Katherine Hepburn. We are no longer that society, because this is not only a question that someone thought of, but they actually took the time and effort to find some actors from the Walking Dead and ask them, without a hint of shame, which candidate would fare better in this fictional scenario which, by the way, none of these actors have any real insight about since they are actors in a TV show and have confronted exactly the same number of living dead as you or I have. (spoiler alert: it's zero.)

It's not like it's a slow news day. We are in the midst of a Presidential election, one in which  a good portion of our electorate seems hell-bent on handing the reigns of power over to an egomaniacal failed businessman with fascist leanings. And you're going to ask about the Walking Dead?

Oh, well. We had a good run.