Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Irritate Your Friends!

So this is new. Well, new to me anyway. Now there are buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. under each post. Just click on one to post a link to your Facebook account or whatever.

You think people hate you now? Just wait until you start irritating them through social media!

Rand Paul and FOX are Disgusting

In the intro to this piece, the FOX on-air person refers to a "brawl" outside of the debate. This was not a brawl. This was one woman being attacked by at least 3 men. Calling it a brawl implies that there were fists being thrown on both sides.

This is a brawl:

Several men knocking down and stepping on one woman is not a brawl, it is assault and battery.

Then Rand Paul comes on and everyone talks about how they sure hate to see such incivility, as if the three men had insulted the woman or called her names or wolf-whistled at her. This was not incivility, this was a crime. And Paul's line about how passions were running high on both sides is just utter bullshit. Passions may have run high on both sides, but only one side got violent. How dare he pretend that there is some shared culpability for this incident?

Why won't he just condemn this? How hard is it to say "These guys don't work for me and I want nothing to do with them because they are obviously violent criminals who should be prosecuted." Why can't he just say something simple like that? Is he that worried about losing the misogynist thug vote? Just apologize! No one's blaming you directly. You were inside at the debate, you weren't orchestrating this assault, just say that you're sorry and tell your followers that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. By dancing around it you're giving tacit approval to your supporters to act like thugs. It's wrong, you know it's wrong, just say so.

ADDENDUM: According to Countdown w/Keith Olbermann, the asshole who stomped on the lady DOES work for the Rand Paul Campaign.