Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Apparently This Is A Real Thing That Exists

From Some Weirdo Company Called Boss Creations comes the CHRIST-mas Tree:

Because what better time than the holidays to angrily shove your political beliefs in everyone's face?
By the way, this tree-like object d'arte costs $399.99!

And they have lots of other super Christy Christmas-themed items for sale. Like this sign:

Wooden Sign w/ Holly 

Great. Good for your house! The people who live in the house may be doubters, but as long as the structure has faith. 

Or why not celebrate the birth of the Christ Child by reminding Him of the tortures he will one day endure at the hands of the Roman Empire?

Golden Crown of Thorns Tree Topper (made from an actual plant in the Holy Land)

Golden Crown of Thorns Tree Topper 

(made from an actual plant in the Holy Land)

Sure, you could top your tree with a star or an angel, but why not an instrument of torment? 'Tis the season to be jolly!

And for some reason, the Boss Creations website contains a link to this video by one of my favorite comics Jim Gaffigan

No, really! They have a list of links and it includes the Jim Gaffigan bit about holidays: Look!

Video Gallery

Welcome to our video gallery. Our goal is to share related material about bringing Christ back into the center of our celebrations, lives and into America. We hope that each of you Christians and patriots enjoy!

Songs, Videos & Articles

 I don't get it either. Most of them seem to be links to things in the spirit of  "Fuck you, heathen, this is our goddamm holiday! Say it! Say Christmas! Say it!!!!!" which is what the holiday season is really all about.

Also, there is a link to possibly the worst song ever written:  We the People Song
Check it out, it's enjoyable in a  train-wreck sort of way. It's kind of the "Plan 9 From Outer Space" of nonsensical patriotic music.

Oh, wait. This one is even worse: It's called Christmas with a Captial "C"  This one gets the 1990's boy-band treatment. And here's an odd little twist. If you click on the Christmas with a Capital C link, you see the video on YouTube. On the right side of the screen are YouTube's suggestions for other videos you might like if you like that one. The list includes:

So make of that what you will.

We've All Wanted to do This at One Time or Another!