Thursday, March 10, 2011

Terrible Marketing - Hot Pockets

Good God, have you seen these things?

I know Hot Pockets aren't generally marketed to picky eaters, but could you make these things look less appetizing? They look like the little cartoon guys were photographed just as they began to vomit.

How bad could these things really look in real life that vomiting pastry men was a preferable alternative?

Holy shit! Really? Okay, dough balls with stomach flu does make a lot more sense now!

Uggghhhh!!! People really eat these things? I've eaten 7-11 meatball sandwiches, frozen grocery store egg-rolls, I'm not what you call a fussy eater. But dear Lord, even I have limits!

And speaking of Hot Pockets. . .


Laura said...

Blah! Those things are are N.A.S.T.Y.
I bought them once for my kids and never again. Of course, they loved them but I.. as a Mother, could not in good conscience feed them to my kids. Tasty or not... Blah!
Vomit in a dough ball is right.


Professor Chaos said...

The real life photo looks like the diaper of a very sick baby.

libhom said...

Now, I'm embarassed to admit that I like Lean Pockets.

Laura said...

Okay. You REALLY need to do a new post. Everytime I see this picture on my sidebar I feel like puking. ;p
And this from a woman that has 4 kids and has changed LOADS of shitty diapers.
Hot pockets are worse than sick baby poop... there, I said it.

Professor Chaos said...

eeew, sorry. I had no idea. I will put up something nice right away.