Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate Observation # 14

Government does not create jobs! Except the one I'm running for.

Repeating "government does not create jobs" like a mantra doesn't make it any more true. Government creates jobs for soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, cops, firefighters, teachers, park rangers, sewage treatment plant employees, CDC researchers, FBI investigators, CIA spies, meat inspectors, mail carriers, bridge builders, air traffic controllers, road pavers, drivers test examiners, astronauts, airplane builders, bomb manufacturers, uniform sewers, but  I guess those don't really count?


jadedj said...

You left out politicians. Oh, no, wait...you did mention the douche bag with the off shore bank accounts. Nevermind.

brewella deville said...

Those jobs are all here in America. Mittens is only concerned about creating jobs off shore.