Monday, September 16, 2019

Democrats never learn

Well, we're back.
Let's have a look at what we missed while we were out of town.


Oh my God. I know, I'm supposed to be shocked - SHOCKED - that the NC GOP would sink so low. But I'm not. There is nothing they could do that would be so shameless as to even surprise me anymore. 
What is shocking is that Dems keep falling for this shit.

Like the Dems are all "Hey, we're going to the 9/11 memorial, you guys want to carpool?
And the Republicans are all "Uh, no. . . we already went. Um. . . last night. On 9/11 Eve."

Image result for jon lovitz that's the ticket

And then the Dems are all "Okay. That sounds plausible. We're going to go ahead and go now. You aren't going to hold any votes while we're gone, are you?"

And the GOP is all "Votes? Are you kidding? While you're out paying your respects to the Americans who died on 9/11? Oh, how could you even ask us that?"

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And the Dems are all like "you promise? Pinky swear?"

And the GOP is all "Oh, we promise. Cross our hearts! You just go on to your 9/11 thing. We'll probably just go to a movie or something."

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And the Democrats are all like "Okay, guys. Let's go. Don't worry, the North Carolina Republican Party totally promised not to fuck us over. No, seriously, they crossed their hearts and everything! We can go to the 9/11 thing without worrying about what's going to happen while we're gone!"

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anne marie in philly said...


Bob said...

The people of NC need to rise up against their corrupt GOP.

E.A. Blair said...

On your graphic of the human figure trashing a swastika - that should be “its”, not “it’s”. Someone need’s to learn the proper use’s of apostrophe’s.

Professor Chaos said...

I hadn't even noticed that. My mother the English teacher would be very disappointed in me.