Monday, September 27, 2010

The Stupid, Dishonest Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Stupid, Dishonest Tree.

– Fri Sep 24, 4:07 pm ET
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Following in her mother's footsteps, Bristol Palin has launched an official Facebook page. Among her first subjects: her role on "Dancing with the Stars."

The 19-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says the Tuesday launch is part of a new chapter in her life.

The single mother of a toddler son, Bristol Palin says she wanted to step out of her comfort zone to tell her story and advocate for the "pro-life and pro-family cause."

Why can't anyone in this family just tell the truth?
Why can't she just say "I went on the show because they offered me money, and I'm genetically programmed to be a shameless fame-whore." We could respect that. I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to dance badly on TV for a truckload of money.

But no, she has to pretend that what she's doing, she does for a greater cause. Dancing on TV and prattling on Facebook are a couple of sacrifices she's willing to make for the pro-life cause. Because what better way to advocate for your position than to make an ass of yourself on an idiotic TV show?

Don't git a aborshun!

I'm sure if Gandhi were alive today, he would sign up for "India's Got Talent" to get his message across to the world.

If only "Big Brother" had been around in the '60's, Dr. King could have saved himself a lot of trouble and just whispered about civil rights in the dark while drunkenly fondling a cast-mate.

And surely Mario Savio could have sung "put your bodies upon the gears" to the tune of "Genie in a Bottle" on American Idol.

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Buffy said...

Only in Amurka can someone become a "star" by virtue of the fact that their mother is an "abstinence-only" wingnut and they're a teen mommy.